Project 52-2015: Write Every Week For A Year – Week 4

WEEK – 4

Week 4: 26th January – 31st January 2015.


 You could have a confusion of time: 2:00 AM for 2:00 PM and someone showing up at the wrong time. Confusion of an address or phone number could lead to all sorts of things. A misunderstanding about picking something up or dropping something off could produced obstacles in the plot. A misunderstanding about obligations or duties – “Oh, you wanted me to clean the cat box the WHOLE time you were gone?” Mistaken identities are classic.


In 500 words or less, write a dialogue in which the two or more characters misunderstand each other and show us the consequences of the misunderstanding. You may include narrative or description, but focus primarily on the conversation.


 Is it clear how and/or why the characters misunderstand each other? Are the consequences of the misunderstanding dire or funny? In the course of the conversation and confusion do we learn enough about the characters to make them interesting? Would we read on? What is the best thing in the story? The worst?


Here is my take on the prompt… Do give me a mouthful…

Practical Joke

One winter weekend, Grandma Veni came from India to visit me. As part giving her a good Canadian experience, my roommates and I decided to take her on a road trip. The five of us drove from Saskatoon to Calgary to see the majestic Rockies. We did all the touristy stuff all Saturday – We rode the Gondolas; skied; turned into models posing for pictures; restaurant-hopped to gorge on their gourmet spreads to only be labeled gluttons and shopped until we dropped dead and of course until we ran-out of spending money.  Well, everyone knows women and shopping are like ying-yang, inseparable.

Nevertheless, the excitement and the craziness were missing and we yearned for it. We didn’t like the idea of being goody-goody tourists. It was boring. Little did we know it was to come from unexpected quarters.

The following day, we drove aimlessly around the city until lunch and we were growing weary of the drive.

It was quiet as a morgue in the car.

Sandi said, “Amul, pull over at the drug store. I need some Tylenol. I’ve a splitting headache.”

I complied. We all got out in the parking lot and stretched. Grandma observed the aura of boredom.

Grandma said, “Girls, I’ve an idea. Whatever happens don’t laugh and act like you don’t know me.” We gaped at her.

“Follow me,” she said, snapped her fingers and led us into the drug store.

We trailed one after another like chicks following a hen and disappeared into the aisles as strangers. We turned into wax-dolls of anticipation and excitement, and stood mute, watching.

Grandma stood before the billing-clerk and said, “This is drug store? Correct?”

Why is she faking a Russian accent? I thought and stood mute.


“I need buying 100 grams marijuana,” she said.

“What?!”  She screamed.

“I need buying drugs – marijuana…”

“No… No… This is a drug store. You need a doctor’s prescription to buy drugs here,” she said, waving her hands frantically.

“I love Can-ee-dah. You going, doctor giving prescription, you buying drugs? I love your kan-three,” Grandma smiled ear-to-ear.

“No, Lady…You get a prescription from the doctor for your health problem and then you come here to get your drugs.”

“That’s what I say… no?”

The Clerk shrieked, “We don’t sell drugs. We sell medicines!”

” Why call it a DRUG store?” smirked Grandma.

We couldn’t control our laughter anymore when we saw the puzzled look on the clerks face. We burst into laughter.

 “Never too old for fun or to make a new friend, eh?” said Grandma with a sly wink at the red-faced clerk. We invited Veronica, the clerk to lunch and indeed made a new friend.

(446 words).

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  1. Meera says:

    Nice! This is the same grandma who learns English? Would love to read more on her… sounds like a very interesting character! Mine’s here:

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