Project 52: Write Every Week For A Year – Week 17

Week 17

Prompt: 24th – 29th November 2014

Exercise: Given the time constraints with November being a National Novel Writing Month, I thought it would be good to post snippets from your Work-in-Progress (WIP). This is partly because I could’t find time to work on the prompt.

Here is my scene. Hope you like it… 🙂

July of 1991. Bhoomi had the same jitter she had the first time walked the path towards the social sciences block. She found some new faces and she smiled thinking she is a senior now. She walked to Ravee’s as she knew at least one or two familiar faces would be there.

As she entered the shack, Urmi came running towards her and hugged her and said, “congrats. You topped the first year.”

Thanks she said tightening her hug and genuinely enjoying the moment. The joy was doubled as Urmi was speaking to her again and normality was set or at least it seems so and she did well in academics.

Oh my god. I am so glad you spoke to me. I am sorry for everything. I don’t know why I couldn’t get myself to speak to you after Dashis’s issue.”

Don’t thank me. Thanks Jai. He drove sense into me. It didn’t make sense to not speak to you after we won the case,” and looked away as if she didn’t want to look into bhoomi’s eyes.

“Ah, so, you’ve been meeting?”

“Yes were the only two in the hostel over the holidays. All you guys were gone.”

“Hey did you get in,” Bhoomi asked as an after thought.

“Yes. I will be an M.Phil scholar and can put away marriage for another year and did a happy dance twiling in circles as Ravee came with sweets.

“You are a good businessman Ravee. You know there would be lot of celebrations and you arranged sweets,” said Bhoomi picking up a sweet and stuffing it into Urmi’s mouth and taking another for herself.

“You know we shouldn’t be eating these darn things. Each one is probably 300 calories,” said Urmi

“If that is the case I shouldn’t be looking at them as I put on weight just by looking at food. Relax and enjoy,” said Bhoomi.

They laughed. It was like old times. Just when they were enjoying each other’s company Jai, Maruti and Anuj walked in and greeted the ladies and other guys and girls in the shack. The place was buzzing with activity from youthful cheer. Everyone was walking around exchanging sweets congratulating and asking what their plans were.

Anuj came to Bhoomi and held a sweet box open and said, “Congrats.”

Jai butt in, took a sweet from the packet that Anuj had and shoved it into Bhoomi’s mouth and gave a peck on my cheek and whispered, “Congrats.” Everyone looked stunned. All of them tried to hide their embarrassment portrayed a facade of normalcy. After a few minutes Preetam broke the awkward silence with, “Hey guys, I am joining Wipro.” Bhoomi thanked him from the bottom of her heart for saving her face and everyone turned to him and acted like they had forgotten what just happed a minute ago or how uncomfortable it made all of them. Everyone congratulated Preetam on his appointment with Wipro.

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