Project 52: Write Every Week For A Year – Week 16

Week 16

Prompt: 17th November to 22nd November 2014.

Exercise: In less than 500 words post a snippet from your Work in Progress – WIP

Looking forward to reading your piece… 🙂

Here is my attempt….

Story 1

College love story – Love-Unrequited

Jaitra turned to me and asked, “Care to share the joke?” as he caught me smiling to myself.

“Oh, nothing important,” I said.

He questioned, “Maruti tells me you are preparing for civil services. What are your subjects?”

I replied, “History and Anthropology.”

He said, “I am writing with Public administration and geography” like it was one of the most important public announcement to be made.

”Ah, I see,” I remarked disinterested at the revelation. After a slight pause he asked, “May be we can meet sometime to discuss general studies part.” He added, “Occasionally,” after a long pause acknowledging the dilemma on my face.

“Sure,” I smirked. He asked me if I was also preparing to appear for the exam the following year and after I said “Yes,” he said, “Me too. Nothing Like it if we can crack it,” folding his fists punching in the air.

He remarked further. “History is a tough choice – Lots of dates and too many names to remember. May be you can help me with remembering some of it” and smiled.

I reluctantly replied, “Unfortunately, I don’t read history like everyone,” paused and questioned trying not to look into his eyes, “Do you know why they say history repeats itself?

“Why?” he asked leaning forward as a curious student would.

“Because, we don’t learn from it. The flaw is in the way we look at history. It is not dates and names that are important but the decisions made at a given point in time and the thoughts behind the decision making, followed by execution and the repercussions to that execution. And when we see history in that light we will be presented with details that can be used in our lives even today and because we don’t do it in the right way, history repeats itself.” All three of them clapped and said “Bravo” to my point of view smiling, while I recoiled in to a rose bud feeling embarrassed at the attention drawn.


Story 2 –

I would be 30 the following year. Let me tell you something. In a man’s world, if one is not successful by the time he is 30 his contemporaries will brand him a loser. NO man wants to face this. His mighty ego comes in the way of accepting this reality. I accepted it whole-hearted. And pompously say it aloud – I was beaten by an intelligent woman and I am proud to have had her acquaintance. She was the best thing that happened to me in my life.

It was transition time in my career. I wanted to quit my 9-5 job and start a business. Except for a few lakhs of savings I had no assets. I was looking for an investor to put forth my ideas for a business venture and was working on a project report involving lots of number crunching. I was completely occupied time wise and started to loose track of my appointments with Siya.

The following week Siya called me early one morning and asked me to come over to her place. She prepared an elaborate breakfast. We both had sumptuous breakfast and coffee. She then slowly began to speak, “Rafi, I gave a thought to everything you said and arrived at some decisions. First hear me out completely before you argue against it. Ok?” and I nodded in agreement. She said, “At this point of time lets evaluate your life and see what real assets you have and once we have listed them out along with your shortfalls, we can start working on them right away taking you closer to your goal.”

She paused for a while as if she was structuring her sentences before delivering them and continued, “Your goal in life right now is to set up your own business and let’s focus on that for now. We can think of other things when the time is right. Let’s not worry too much about it. I’ll answer your question at the right time and request you to trust me on this. Also…We have no issues with the status quo as far as you and I are concerned, why disturb its balance?”

For the first time in six months, I was scared of the woman seated across from me. Her practicality, rationale, logic and detached attachment were quite apparent from the way she spoke. Even her body language was altered. I wanted to give her a strong retort but knew she would have an unquestionable rebuttal for which silence would be the only answer. I chose to be quiet and agreed to her proposition and decided to wait for her reply. I too found it easy to concentrate one thing, my business first. Who knows, it may even make our decisions easy in the future!

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