Project 52: Write Every Week For A Year – Week 12


Prompt: 20th Oct – 25th Oct 2014.

Prompt: Maybe you don’t save old letters and postcards, but if you did, you might
sometimes look them over and be reminded of significant events and people
in your life. They might rekindle past joy or pain, confusion or fear, love
or anger; or they could remind you of choices made and people long-gone
from your life.

Create a series of post cards that tells a story, a one-sided
correspondence–son to mother, husband to wife, friend to friend, where we
see only one side of the story and must intuit the other. The messages
might be brief, of the, ‘Arrived Rome safely, Love Meg,’ or ‘Lost passport.
Send money,’ variety, or the very detailed kind, overflowing with sentiment
and emotion, squeezed onto every available space on the card. Is the writer
trying to hide something, using the distance to say something difficult,
showing off, or maybe ending a relationship, or starting a business?

Resist the urge to describe the picture on the post card, let your
character’s words tell us where he is, why he’s there, and what it has to do with his story.

Exercise: In 400 words or less construct a story in the form of a series of postcards. Give us only what is on the postcards being sent from one person to another, letting the post card messages stand on their own, allowing the reader to decide what effect the messages have on the recipient.

Hope to read some good scenes. 🙂

Here is my take – (Sorry that I changed the postcards to an SMS. Apologies :p Also, some of the emoticons aren’t working in wordpress so apologies for that as well.)


Dude, u need to get ur ass out here. Sunil is married. It’s a mess. :l

SMS sent 11.30 AM.


Can’t talk. In class.

SMS sent 11.32 AM.


I know our Sunil is MARRIED man! I can’t believe it. 😀

SMS sent 11.37 AM.


That Sandhaya chick. :chick:

SMS sent 11.40 AM.


No man not that one. The tall lean one who wears tight T-shirts and jeans.

SMS sent 11. 42 AM.


Ya, the one with big tits.  :*

SMS sent 11.45 AM.


 Her father found out about Sunil and her. He created a scene at Sunil’s place. Their parents agreed and got them married right away. 😛

SMS sent 11. 49 AM.


Don’t know man. Something seems fishy. It was done in two weeks time. 😕 O.o

SMS sent 12.00 Noon.


Ya the guy is my God! He’s like I-can-get-anything-that-moves-and-or-is-feminine-to-fuck-me. 😉

SMS sent 12.05 PM.


Three weeks ago. Ur phone was out of coverage area dude.

SMS sent 12.09 PM.


How do I know fucker? U were at ur “hug-the-tree” or “marry-the-tree” or whatever the hell campaign. When are you coming? He needs his boys around. And I need you. :@

SMS sent 12.12 PM.


I can’t even enjoy my good news. The fucker ruined everything for me. 😡

SMS sent 12.24 PM.


I got into Carnegie Melon –Mangt prog. Joining this fall. (H) (ap)

SMS sent 12.30 PM.


Thanks man. He’s whining like a baby. 😥 =)) I need you here right away. 😀

SMS sent 12.45 PM.


When r u coming? Beer and pizza on me this Friday night. :q

SMS sent 1.00 PM.


U r a leech… squeezing every drop out of me. I’ll get back at you. Just not today.  3:)

SMS sent 1.10 PM.


Yeah, ok. Even my Nike.

SMS sent 1.17 PM.


See u there @ six. Be early. Rockers will be full after 6 and we’ll have sit at the bar and I hate it. 8ol

SMS sent 1.24 PM.


Hey dude, I just received a message from Sunil. Sandhya is pregnant. He is so fucked man. That explains the sudden marriage. 😎

SMS sent 2.00 PM.


I know man…He doubts if the baby is his. (yn) Karma is a bitch man… After what he did to Reema he deserved it. See u @ 6. (b) (_)

SMS sent 2.03 PM.


 (390 words)

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4 Responses to Project 52: Write Every Week For A Year – Week 12

  1. bubbly buddy says:

    Great .How to join in Ushasri

    Liked by 1 person

    • ushaveera68 says:

      Hi Bubly, all you have to do is write your story on your blog and paste the link to it in the comments section on my blog. I’ll click on the link and go to your blog, read it, comment and post my link in your comments. Its that easy. And it is only 500 words for each prompt. Looking forward to reading some good posts from you. All the best.
      Cheers n tc.


  2. yarnspinnerr says:

    Great idea.

    Happy Diwali. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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