Project 52: Write Every Week For A Year – Week 11

Week 11

Prompt: 13th Oct – 18th Oct, 2014.

Is your story about best friends on the way to Spring Break or a Little League team going to a playoff? Does it follow refugees running from war or perhaps show us someone on a business trip that might make or break a career. Is someone going home?

Exercise: In 500 words or less show us someone traveling alone or with others. The trip can also be ahead or behind the character. Why is this journey important to them? What is the destination and what do the travelers expect to find there?.

Hope to read some great scenes. 🙂

Here is my take on the prompt. 


Amulya lifted the heavy suitcases off the conveyor belt, dragged and loaded them on to the trolley and let out a deep sigh. Her hands slipped from sweat on her palms trying to grip the handle of the trolley. Her eyes searched around for the Immigration Counters. She wheeled her luggage to one of the queues and parked herself.

She adjusted her backpack and looked around. That’s a lot of white people. “Welcome to America, Amul,” she said aloud and recoiled grinning embarrassed.  She thought of her mom, dad, brother, the guava tree in the front yard and the cuckoo family that made it their home.

Mom must be seated in the pooja-room worried, feeling helpless with a cell phone in her hand. A smile danced on Amul’s moon-face accentuating her dimples.

The young guy in the line next to hers said, “Hi, from India?”

“Hello, Yes.”

“Came to study?”


Her mom sent her with a wide note of caution regarding white boys and she wasn’t going to get too friendly or trust him.

She took a closer look at him from top to bottom – His hairdo reminded her of a porcupine. His T-shirt was big enough to fit two people. His torn jeans refreshed her memory of rag-pickers back home. Adding to their “beauty,” they slung below his hip. A large stainless steel buckled belt with a chain dangling from it escaped into his side-pocket. The belt was definitely not doing its job. He wore a thick platinum chain around his neck with anchor shaped pendent. No wait, that can’t be platinum. It should be stainless steel. A woman knows her jewelry, especially, Indian!

Only saving grace was his black Nike shoes. She dismissed him – riff-raff.

Just then he bent down and picked his pen. Amul witnessed something awful. She clenched her fists and looked up and let out an inaudible growl. Holy! Mr. Sun-God, I didn’t need that peep show. I know you are impartial and shed light on everything but, his ass crack?

She tried to avoid his pricking gaze waiting her turn, hoping to see the “better America.”

He asked, “Which university?”

“University of California, Los Angles,” She said gleaming with pride. “What do you do?”

“I’m a Master’s student at Berkley, Department of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.”

She dropped her purse, gulped air and her almond eyes popped.

(396 words)

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7 Responses to Project 52: Write Every Week For A Year – Week 11

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  3. That was a nice one. I stood at the airport watching it happening!
    By the way, I have written for this prompt which is now in Kindly review that also.

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  4. sumkap says:

    WOW! this is really nice… Can this be continued?? please……

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