Project 52: Write Every Week For A Year – Week 7

PROMPT for Week 7 : 15th Sept – 20th Sept 2014.

Exercise: In 400 words or less write a flash using a famous saying.

Hope to read some great stories. 🙂

Here is my take on the prompt…

Look before you leap.

Amulya climbed the guava tree and hung upside down by one arm. She called to her brother, Sami. ‘Show me which one to pluck.’

‘Di, the one on the right branch, there… not that one… the one behind the yellow leaves… yes… that one,’ he said.

Their dad rocked on his chair, reading his news paper and sipped his morning coffee.

Mom warned from the kitchen window, ‘Amulya, get off the tree right now. You’ll hurt yourself if you fall.’

‘Girl, get off the tree. You are a bad influence on your brother. Get off… or else…’ she warned, eyes wide open, her right hand pointer waving in the air. She could definitely replace the idol of goddess Kali in the puja-room.

Ignoring their mother, the siblings continued their harvest as Sami said, ‘Di, enough for today. Now jump from there.’

‘What if I fall and break my leg?’ She asked fearful of the outcome.

‘No, you are two years big than me…no? You can do it’ he encouraged her as he heaped the fruit on the ground.

‘Not big, older’ said Amul.

Meera came running to the porch, snatched the paper from Ramesh’s hands and said, ‘It is all your doing. Look at her… She doesn’t listen.’

‘Hey, calm down. They are kids. Let them just be. Don’t inflict them with your paranoia’ came his usual pompous response.

‘Chaa… it’s no use talking to you… you and you psycho-babble. Wives are never good enough,’ she replied and tossed the news paper back into his lap.

‘Shut-up Meera, I know what I am doing. In case you’ve forgotten, I am a child psychologist.’

‘Yeah, whatever …’

‘Jump Di,’

‘Okay Sami, jumping.’


Amul’s wails rang in the air as the parents rushed to the child’s side.

Meera picked her up and said, ‘I told you not to jump see…’

‘Stop it, Meera.’

Amul was rushed to the hospital. Damage was assessed – A hairline fracture. She was x-rayed and plastered.

On their way home Ramesh said, ‘Amul, every action of yours will have a consequence. You have to weigh it before acting.’

‘Yeah, right … now you give her your philosophy … after the damage done’ said Meera.

Their eyes shot darts of silent reproach at each other in the rear-view mirror.

(383 words)

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6 Responses to Project 52: Write Every Week For A Year – Week 7

  1. yarnspinnerr says:

    Somehow this made me laugh ………. the tirade between the husband and wife is so well crafted.
    Great piece. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tejadeep says:

    Went back into my childhood memories after reading this.I used to do the same things as Amulya did in this story.
    Great job ma’m.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ushaveera68 says:

    Thanks Meeraji for the visit and the comment. Looking forward to your take on the prompt. 🙂
    Cheers n tc.


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