Project 52: Write Every Week For A Year – Week 5

Promot for week 5

Date: 1st September to 6th September 2014.


In 750 words or less have a seemingly believable narrator tell us a story.
Present this narrator as telling the truth, but gradually lead us to doubt
the story. This could be just a scene. It needn’t be a complete story. You
could leave the reader hanging, not knowing whether what is being told is
true or false, or you could show clearly that the narrator has been playing
with the facts and perhaps our minds.

Your narrator might be an absent-minded professor, an excitable teen with a
taste for drama, or someone trying to cover a mistake. Anger, fear, pride,
jealousy, or shame are only some of the many emotions that might lead the
narrator to heighten or play down the facts of the story.

How will the reader recognize that the narrator’s story is not to be
trusted? Perhaps it does not match facts hinted at in dialogue with other
characters, or shown in the setting of the scene, or described in the
logistics of the plot. Perhaps the narrator’s body language or actions give
the lie to what he is telling us.

Looking forward to some good scenes.

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4 Responses to Project 52: Write Every Week For A Year – Week 5

  1. Meera says:

    Human Resources

    The sun’s beating down on me. It’s the end of June, and I can’t wait for the rains already. A cool breeze suddenly stops me in my tracks. I don’t have the luxury of waiting and taking in the smell of the Pondicherry sea. I have an important job, something that would benefit my guys and my employer. I am on the lookout for employable youth. A simple job isn’t it? But guys are so lazy these days, I tell you. They would rather stand here and while away their time than listen to me and come over for a job. And cocooned in their own surroundings! Used to be that youngsters would want to visit new lands, learn new things, and live their lives. Nowadays… you don’t believe me? Come on, just walk with me.

    Take a look at those three young men right there. See that boy? The dark one with the rippling muscles and the sweat dripping off his biceps? You’d think he’d be interested in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work in an emerging field. Now, you wait here while I go and explain the job to him.

    You saw him refusing the job, right? Now, it’s almost as if I have no choice, you know. My employer wants results. And I want to give my guys—come closer—I mean, my caste guys—some preferential treatment. Walk with me, and observe. See those thin, young men over there? They will soon have me to thank for the rest of their lives, you see. Come with me.

    “Hey there, Chunga Chetti. How are you, man? No job yet? Listen, I have bags I need moved from my godown—hardly one hour’s job, man, can you come along?”

    There, you see, he will now come. Let me get a couple more people for this. You meet me at the godown, will you? Some of them need me to invite them with vethala paaku (betel leaf) you know. Ha-ha-ha!


    I am still waiting here, but see, of the five people I met, I could only get the two. I’m waiting for the other three. Where are the two, you ask? They are safe. No problem. They had to actually be brought in with vethala paaku, as I had predicted, but they will do. They will do.

    Ah! Here come Chungan and Murasu Chetti. What had I told them? Yeah, that they will be carrying bags. Yeah, we’ll get everything ready.

    “Come on, men.”

    “Sir, where are the bags?”

    “Bags? Wait one minute. One more man should come any time. Ah! There he is.”

    Look at that Vellayyan. Limping along, as if he has all the time in the world. I don’t think he will be approved. Better to not employ him, what do you say? Yeah, I think he needs to go. I need one more person then. Yeah, one more. I’ll get someone.

    “Ey! Vellayya! This job might not be good for you.”

    I turn to the two others, and let them into the godown. Once they are in, they will figure out their job. They are smart men.

    All’s well. All’s going well.

    You know what? You have been walking around with me all day. Why don’t you also go and take rest in the godown? Yeah, yeah, that will be best. Go, go. You can also chat with Chungan, Murasu and three other guys.

    The door opened, and I let him in. Now, I had the required men. I must call Soude. Tell him about this. I’m sending my guys abroad—they will not know it now, but they will live wonderfully in a foreign land.

    Ah, I wish people appreciated me more.

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