Project 52 – Write Every Week For A Year : Week 4

Prompt for week 4: 25th August – 30th August, 2014.


In less than 400 words, write a scene including two characters in conflict.
Use only dialogue to make the reader see the conflict and learn something of the
characters’ personalities.

Hope to read some good scenes with amazing dialogues. 🙂


Believe Me

‘Who did this?’ she roared, waving the thermometer before his face.

His eyes were filled with fear and mischief as his lower lip trembled. ‘I don’t know. It must be Sam.’

‘Sam wasn’t home all day. He was with us. You were the only one home’ she reasoned. She placed her hands on her hips and her looks questioned, ‘What have you to say?’

‘Why do you think it is always me?’ he murmured under his controlled breath.

‘It was fine until yesterday when you were down with fever. How can it melt at the tip on its own, unless you lit it on fire?’

He looked stunned. How did she know? She spoke as if she was there.

The event flashed in his mind – He was lying on his bed reading and the power went off – He was feeling bored – He saw the candle lit – His naughty side took charge – He wanted to test the temperature of the candle light –The plastic tip along with glass beneath burned – My experiment failed.

‘Admit you did it and I’ll let you go’ she said shaking his tender arm vigorously.

He came back to reality with a jolt.

‘Yes maa, it was me’ his reply was cremated in his throat under the might of tears streaming down his plum cheeks.

(219, words)


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5 Responses to Project 52 – Write Every Week For A Year : Week 4

  1. Meera says:

    A Matter of Life and Death

    It was a sea of white with one orange dot.

    She couldn’t take her eyes off him. It had been a long, long time. He walked over to her after silently looking at the freezer box for a minute.

    “I’m so sorry,” he said, slowly.

    She said nothing.

    “What happened?”

    “What does it matter now? Something happened and he died.”

    “I have a right to know, you know.”

    “The hell you do.” She hadn’t intended for it to be so loud.

    Heads turned.

    “You’re speaking about your right? What about the wrongs? How can you claim any right?”


    “Rights! You left, remember? And left behind what? A fucking letter? What good was that? Not even to wipe my ass.”

    “Can you be a bit quiet?” he said, looking around.

    “Quiet?” she laughed, a full, throaty laugh. “The balls of this guy. I don’t believe it. He was there for nothing—not the late nights up, not the hospital visits, nothing whatever, and here he is, now. Do you even know how much the freezer box costs? And how to get one in the middle of the night? And here you are, asking me to be quiet. It doesn’t matter to me who you are to the outside world, mister. I know you inside out. I know that you were, and will always be, a quitter.”

    “I thought I would come and support you at this time,” he whispered urgently. “Maybe I shouldn’t have come.”

    “Yes. Finally we agree on something.” She would break down any minute now and she knew it.
    “Just go back where you came from. Where you ran off to. Let me live my life as I did for twenty years. Just. Go.” She folded her hands and looked away.

    “Well, I didn’t expect this. At least the last rites then? Who will perform that?”

    She looked at him in surprise. Her brother, Swami Nivedananda, and her father, God Bless His Soul, had it all ass backwards.

    “Me,” she said, and walked away, and turned back. “Or the vettiyan. Who cares?”

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  2. ushaveera68 says:

    Hi Nikita. Thanks for the like. Hope to read your entry too. and do read the previous posts under Project 52 and give me a mouthful. Cheers n tc.


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