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Give me Power!

I was a powerless, mute spectator to many things in life on many occasions, many days and many years. In retrospect I think I have been all my life.

As a child, I was snubbed for asking questions, of course I didn’t ask easy questions either. I was ridiculed for being over read, beyond my age, too philosophical in my outlook. I earned numerous nicknames: rebel in fox skin – knieving; intelligence of a honey bee – strategic and meticulous; and the calm of an eagle – ready to wage the war for survival. For, only The Fittest exist and the weak perish.

I am not sure if those were meant to be compliments or not. However, after many years of questioning my state of being, I have a few answers to the ‘why’ of many situations that I was in. Also, I know the reasons for the ‘Why?’

Still confused what the hell I am talking about? I am taking of Power… All kinds…

IMO there are 5 types…

  1. Physical 2. Intellectual 3. Economic 4. Political 5. Religious

In my childhood I stripped myself bare for an assessment to know what kind of powers I possessed. The day I realized I had none, I was depressed. After regaining composure, questioned, ‘Hmmm, where do I start?

Gaining physical power seemed next to impossible for a puny 5” 140 lbs woman! Economic power was next to impossible too. I was the first born to a couple rooted to a lower middle-class lineage. Political power takes way too long a time to achieve and so would economic, physical and religious.

The only area of ‘power’ available, to venture, before even acquiring it was Intellectual Power. I set out to grab it with both my hands. I bulldozed everyone that stood in my way. I made sure I did well in academics and was always in good books of my fellow beings. My intellectual power quest trailed with some gold medals, some accolades and some peer reviewed publications. However, my thirst was unquenched. I yearned for more.

In a lightning flash, I turned 45 and was at a stage where I had to re-assess my powers one more time, because nothing much changed since my childhood. I was at status quo.
Along with me, my barriers gained layers of complexity. They stood in my way, obstructing me from gaining any power. I realized this. After all my hair didn’t grey just like that alright…

Like a true warrior I wasn’t ready to give up, yet. I looked deep into the power structures.

The only area still shining with hope was intellectual power. I was enthralled at the endless possibilities. I started my journey with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.
I found very soon, I wasn’t welcome in the club. I wondered why?

A wicked looking elderly man cleared my doubts…

He said, ‘It is called intellectual property that is not readily available to everyone. You have to pay to get into the club.’

I questioned innocently, ‘Oh, We have to pay to improve our understanding of ourselves and our worldview, is it?’

He laughed as Satan on leash would and said, ‘So far that was the only area that was left uncovered by US – the owners of ‘All power club.’ And now we have found ways to control and close that avenue too.’

‘But you can’t do that. Even if you don’t give me access, there may be many that would die for the opportunity. How can you deny them the opportunity? Also, what use is a thought or a piece of research, if it doesn’t translate into action and changes people’s lives?’

‘If there is too much knowledge transfer, you will overtake US. That is how we keep all you aspiring hungry for power, humans at bay.’

I recklessly threw my head back and questioned, ‘How do you propose to achieve that?’

‘By enforcing copyright laws!’


Hapless, I retreated back into my shell to hide from the world defeated acknowledging economics is everything in life…

It is the key to all resources being opened, without which I am just a victim to all laws, including copyright!

I was born with no power and I die with no power, not even the intellectual…

I wondered at what a waste of life!

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2 Responses to Random Thoughts

  1. ushaveera68 says:

    Very true. But I am of the opinion that one has to be given the power to even assess if he/she uses/misuses it. I don’t like to generalize saying that absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ As you know, I am an optimist with a good stroke of reality and rationality attached to it.
    Thanks for the visit and your comment and insight.
    Cheers n tc.


  2. yarnspinnerr says:

    A well introspected piece.

    The power of knowledge is available to many, especially with the development of the web. Most of the times it is not suitably rewarded in economically of politically ……. because the one with information at best is an expert – just one among many. Also he is not actually inclined to gain power for his needs are few and his ego in balance with his capabilities.

    In any case any body who is not interested in misusing power has little need of it. 🙂

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