Project 52 – Write Every Week For A Year

Hi Friends,

This is a challenge I intend to take with myself, for myself (I know it sounds so selfish because it is :P). But if you’d like to join me in this, what you need do is, follow the prompt, (each week) and write a piece and leave a message in the comments section of this page and I will read your piece and comment as well. That way, we both read, write and learn.

If you are up for it, lets begin.


  1. A prompt will be posted every week on Monday.
  2. There is no fixed length of words but lets keep it under 1000 words.
  3. You can post any number of pieces through out the week that the prompt has validity for (Prompt expires on Saturday).
  4. And let’s not limit our comments to ‘very nice’ or ‘I liked it.’ If you can add ‘why,’ it would be great help to me and you.

Prompt for the week of: 4th August – 9th August, 2014.

Write a story in exactly 100 words including the title. Not 99 words, nor 101 words. Exact 100 words.


Here are my entries.

Personal God

Ostracism the Witch to who, I am a hapless victim. Obese-girl is my middle-name given by everyone alike. Obsolete screams the world as I go about my time. Oblique irate glances are all I get from my surroundings. Overwrought, dejected, I accepted the verdict of people. Oliver my trainer extraordinaire, or so they say, swore to beat even genetics in eradicating obesity. Obscure were his methods and techniques. Obstinate goal seemed closer as the shape of me gained curves in-side and out. Obdurate I broke-away from the thought of his loss standing at his funeral, thanking my ‘Personal God.’


Unrequited Love

I tore away the reams of paper clipped to a writer’s pad, unable to tie my streaming thoughts on various tangents into one braid. Frustration consumed my hunger stricken feeble-body. Then, through the breaches between glistening petals of dancing flowers, I caught my mother in an embrace of a man, on the edge of the horizon as day and night walked past each other meeting in the middle. My pen moved recounting the story, giving a voice to her yearning, her journey of love – unrequited. ‘Mother Earth ached to entwine her lover, the Blue Sky….’ Thus, it unfolded.



A bus leaning at 45 degrees stopped screeching. With arms-forward, clenched-fists, he wiggled-in through the swarming crowd. He gleamed at his achievement. Bus moved.
The little boy stood with his arm stretched out in front, ready for retribution for failing his exam. Teacher’s cane danced on his hand, Zhipp-Zhipp. He clutched me tight and peed from fear. Everyone mocked. Humiliation stripped self-respect away. He sat dejected, head held low.

If only she knew, how he won the battle of life this morning, she would’ve awarded A+ for passing life with flying colors. I know – I am his school-uniform.

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