Book Review – Temple Is Not My Father

The Temple Is Not My Father

The Temple Is Not My Father

Author: Rasana Atreya

Reviewed by: Ushasri

When life’s trajectory leaves Godavari meandering through a matrix of pain, suffering and humiliation, swaddled in social norms and evil mores, she fervently fights the factors disrupting her balance protecting what is dear – her daughter. This is a story of a devadasi starting with her childhood. Along the journey she asks core questions pertaining to evil in a society that not only survives, but thrives in the name of tradition and culture.

What worked: First, I must admit, I am biased and like writers that write about social issues especially those that give a voice to the minority sections in all areas of life. That said, ‘Temple is not my father’ is written very poignantly in a non-preachy manner, while every word was chosen meticulously to etch a picture in you. And the picture cuts through your inner being and lives there forever, clutched in a frame. I loved her style of writing. 5 stars to that. Every minute detail was taken care of in the department of style. Hats off to her for wring it so beautifully.

What did not work: The plot was too thin for my liking. I could guess the ending somewhere in the middle and would have stopped reading but for how it was written. There are some seemingly important characters (Vanaja and Girija) that were not given a proper denouement. I would have liked to know what happened to them, how and why? For this department I give 2.5 stars.

Conclusion: It is an enjoyable read all along that is bound to invoke depths of emotion in everyone that reads it.

Rating: 3.75


** Thank You Rasana Atreya for giving me an opportunity to read your beautiful story. Enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to reading more from you.

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